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Join us for Expo 2024, where the world’s leading innovators come together to showcase the future. Dive into an experience of cutting-edge advancements, engaging discussions, and a glimpse of tomorrow.

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Who We Are?

At Expo 2024, we're not just event organizers. We're visionaries who bring together industries from around the globe, promoting groundbreaking innovation through expertly designed exhibitions and thought-provoking conferences.

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What We Do?

We curate an immersive expo environment where businesses showcase their innovations, network with leaders, and engage in meaningful dialogues that shape the industry's future.

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Empowering Tomorrow: A Visionary Voyage at Reference Expo

Imagine a world united in curiosity, innovation, and ambition. At Reference Expo, we're creating more than just an event; we're forging a global movement. As the nexus of industry brilliance, our expo will inspire attendees from every corner of the earth, igniting a collective energy to reshape the future.

Here, passion meets purpose, ideas transform industries, and every participant emerges empowered. Dive into a new era of possibilities with us; let's co-create tomorrow's legacy. 

Shaping Tomorrow: Our Collective Commitment

Connect & Collaborate:

Foster meaningful partnerships between businesses, innovators, and stakeholders.

Innovate & Inspire

Showcase cutting-edge solutions and ideas, driving the industry forward.

Educate & Empower

Offer insightful sessions and workshops to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed for future success.

Event Chairmans

Meet Our Chairmans

Vishal Laheri


Suhas Satani


Nilesh Avaiya


Janak Virani


Jainit Finaviya

Event Team

Meet Our Team

Mehul Hirapara

Event Team

Rusita Mangroliya

Event Team

Arjun Panseriya

Event Team

Mitali Mangroliya

Event Team

Yash radadiya

Event Team

Smit Italiya

Event Team
Reference Expo 2024

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  • Venue

    Samast Patidar Samaj Hall

  • Address

    Aamba Talavadi Road, Opp. Ankur School, Near Avalon, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat - 395004

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